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Ta aí a minha letter.

Tem algumas coisinhas que preciso arrumar, mas o mais difícil já saiu. O que vocês acharam? Será que tá bom?

Dear Host Family,

First of all, I would like to say that I am very pleased to have the opportunity to apply for the position of baby sitter, and I also hope that this letter helps you to know me a little better. I am looking forward to meeting you and being given the opportunity to spend time with such a nice family.

My name is Paula, I´m 24 years old. I live in Suzano, it is a metropolitan city, located near São Paulo capital in São Paulo state, it’s a medium-sized city, it’s calm and organized city.

I live with my parents and my 02 dogs, 02 cats and a bird. . My mother is a civil engineer, she works in the city hall. My father is business man, he has a car acessories shop and works with sound for events.

I have a twenty-year-old brother, who lives in Presidente Prudente, in the countryside of São Paulo state, where He studies computer science. He comes back home once a month and spends the weekend with us. So, when my brother is back home, all my family stays together and goes out or we make barbecue in the backyard. I help my mother with the cleaning and cooking. I like cooking, sometimes I cook different foods, mainly deserts.

The name of my dogs are Lori and Lika, the name of my cats are Mimi and Mel and the bird´s name is Piupiu. They are adorable and funny animals, I love them.

I graduated in tourism and I did post graduation in events. I like this profession because I´m always in contact with people, and I had a great oporttunity to knew new places and people, and learn a lot from them.en My first job was in a resort in guest service department. After that I worked, made events in Sociedade Brasileira de cultura japonesa. Nowdays I´m working forn Teddy Bear, an English school especialized in kids and teenagers, as administrative assistant. It´s a good job, because I like kids and it´s a great opportunity be in contact with the language and improve my English.

I´m a hardworking person, lovely, patient, responsible, friendly, organized, and good humored. In my free time I Love to enjoy my friends and family company, go shopping, travel, visit new places, go to the movies, read a good book, and play with my pets. Unfortunately I dont have a lot of free time do to everything that I would like to do, but I always try my best.

I love children and I love to learn about other cultures so, after long talks with few people in regards to Au Pair, I made my decision, because the program will give me the opportunity to do what I love to do take care of kids , study English, be in another country and learn about its culture. I have never been abroad so I think that this experience wil make me be more responsible and independent.

I love to be with kids because not only I identify with them, but I also learn a lot with them.

My first contact with children was when my cousin was born, and I was 9 years old. I know, the age looks younger but always I like to stay with children. I helped my aunt to take care of her every weekend. I bathed her, played with her, and fed her.

But my first amazing experience was 2 years ago when I met my ex boyfriend, Luciano. He is divorced and has 2 son, Vinicíus and Felipe. When I knew them , Vinícius was 10 and Felipe was 06. I had the opportunity to live and take care of his children. I played with them, helped them do their homework, took them to school, prepared the dinner, told and read stories, before putting them to bed, went parks and to the movies and also traveled together. I always enjoyed to be with kids and they love to play with me. Luciano and I broke up, but we keep contact because of the children. They miss me and I miss them too. By the way, this year I spent Christmas Day with Luciano´s family and children. I Love celebration dates, because I always prepare some surprise for the children. This year I made Christimas cookies for the kids, on Easter Day I prepared paw rabbit trail, for the kids to find Easter eggs . Luciano has 1 nephew and 02 nieces. They are children too, the nephew is Yutah, He is 02 years, and the niece is Anne and Letícia, both are 05. I Love to play with them to. Whenever Iam with children we had a great time, we played with Ball, board games, I read them stories, played with dolls with the girls and rode bikes. Well I fell happy to stay with them, they make me happy. Because when they say “ I Love you” for me, especially Vinícius and Felipe, I know it´s true and sincere. When Luciano and I broke up I was sad and distressed because I thought I ‘d never be able to be with his kids, but Luciano is an amazing person and he understood my Love for his children and the feelings that the children have for me.
Sometimes, when I think about this experience, I spend some minutes imagining how great this year will be. I think about all the fun I will have with the kids, going to parks, playing, taking them to school… Even the ordinary tasks, like grocery shopping, classes at college, a simple walk around the neighborhood seems to be so much fun when you are in the USA. I am ready to take you as my second family, I am excited about spending Thanksgiving, Christmas e Easter with you, my curiosity about how you celebrate these holidays is huge. I also hope to make new friends, meet other au pairs, and perhaps go on short trips with them or with you, because I am curious about places where I have never been before.
I really hope that we are able to exchange our experiences and develop a pleasant and positive relationship.
Well, right now I am a little anxious, but I am feeling ready to become a part of your family.

I hope I can meet your family soon.

Thank you in advance,



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  1. Oi Paula..obrigada pelo coment. la no blog..estarei mesmo precisando de uma torcida no meu segundo dia V! :)

    Achei sua carta otima! Bem completa e concisa ao mesmo tempo! :)

    Qualquer coisa da um grito ae!


  2. Olá Paula!! tudo bem?!!

    Poxa... sua carta ficou muito boa mesmo!! Se eu fosse uma host mom eu daria moral pra você!! ahuahauah Te notificava!!! Sério!!

    Parabéns!!! Agora é só correr com o resto, quero muito ver seu vídeo!!!

    Besitos, feliz natal!!!

  3. Paulinhaaaa, amei!
    Vao surgir mtas families pra vc!
    To torcendo mto, parabens!

    Bjusss more, feliz natal!